The Guelph Seven



  1. Chris Statham

    Gamer. Coder. Friend. A lover of Wine. A lover of Coffee. A lover of Java. These words, and many more, can be used to describe Chris. While not playing League of Legends, Chris can be found coding. While not coding Chris is probably playing League of Legends. After discovering about the opportunity to join the Group of Sev…*ahem* Guelph Seven, Chris immediately jumped on the offer. Chris’ main concern when coding is writing maintainable code, quickly and on time. After working in corporate environments such as Bruce Power and Sanofi Pasteur, Chris hopes that his next co-op experience will be even more challenging than the last and looks forward to hurdles working with the Guelph Seven will throw at him.

    “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” -¬†Murphy’s Law

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